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As a woman who wears many hats, I specialize in quantifying the output for every situation I'm presented. Whether that be a keynote speech, a small business that needs assistance, or a non-profit that would like to expand their reach, I tailor each experience to my audience and create an event that will forever be part of your story.

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Through personal anecdotes and leadership insights from her experiences at NASA, raising venture capital and launching into space, Aisha challenges audiences to consider what we can accomplish when we dream big together. Aisha will leave your audience entertained, motivated, and ready to change the world.

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What’s your biggest challenge? Poor sales, employee issues, or something more personal? Every entrepreneur can identify at least one problem that seems to hold the whole company back. As the founder of two, million-dollar plus businesses she started from scratch, Aisha is happy to share the lessons she learned the hard way.

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Talent is everywhere, opportunity is not. Aisha established two endowments designed to fund students looking to pursue 4-year degrees. The first helps  community college students matriculate to technical programs.  The second supports minorities studying aerospace engineering at the University of Michigan.

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“Aisha's story is inspirational, and she is an engaging speaker with a magnetic personality. I highly recommend Aisha if you are seeking a fascinating keynote speaker.”

Dr. John Wensveen

“Aisha is a phenomenal young woman who spoke with our entire employee body for Black History Month.  She is a Modern Day Hidden Figure and we enjoyed hearing her story of overcoming obstacles and dreaming big!  She wowed the audience by sharing her road to success and the impact she made along the way - and she's just getting started!  Knowing that she is a true history maker helped us continue to celebrate our diversity within Karat and the importance Black Engineers have in our everyday lives and the impact they are making on our future! #BrilliantBlackMinds”

Portia Kibble Smith

Director of Programs and Partnerships, Karat

"During February 2023, I had the honor and privilege of hosting a Fireside Chat with Aisha Bowe in honor of Engineering Month and Black History Month. Aisha was captivating and authentic in her storytelling as she inspired the audience of 350+ attendees. Aisha took us from her humble beginnings in Ann Arbor, MI, through her unconventional education path and unique career journey, to becoming a 2X tech start-up Founder & CEO. Aisha isn’t just asking for a seat at the table - she is building and owning her own table. The impact and inspiration that Aisha provided by sharing her own life story and the many ways she’s giving back (founding LINGO, creating a funding source for Black students pursuing Aerospace Engineering at the University of Michigan, & more) is a testament that you are in control of your own journey. Aisha is an inspirational leader and here are a few of her quotes that strongly resonated with her audience: "I spent way too much time questioning myself when I should have been questioning you. / Think bigger about who you are and what you think you can be. / You are a role model as soon as you think you are.”  - Thank you for being amazing, Aisha!"

Raymond Smith-Byrd

New Store Development Lead, Target


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Aisha believes collaboration creates a larger impact and drives growth. You can find her  partnering with thought leaders, nonprofits and brands to create endowments, inspire the emerging workforce and help break stereotypes. Paired with her perspective, she brings a unique and engaging view to the table.


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I speak at various retreats and conferences, mentor entrepreneurs and partner with brands to inspire. Have an idea for a collaboration or just want to say hi? I’d love to hear from you!

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